WyWallet - Mobile Payments Solution for Sweden

WyWallet Mobile Payments in Sweden with txtNationImprove conversion rates and increase loyalty by allowing your customers in Sweden to pay by mobile with WyWallet.

WyWallet was formed by T4 Sverige, the Swedish operators’ joint venture between all the Swedish mobile networks and enables businesses to take mobile payments. txtNation provide Direct Operator Billing across all major mobile networks in Sweden via WyWallet.

WyWallet is exclusively a charger direct billing system only. txtNation provide the interface as a Gateway to the platform via Short Codes. It is a requirement to use an aggregator to bill via Short Codes to facilitate the direct operator billing transaction.

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Mobile Web Optimised Mobile Payments

Through txtNation and WyWallet, you can offer optimum payment flows for mobile web, meaning your end-users can pay with a single click, increasing conversion rates. The flow for this payment is as follows:

1. Customer makes first mobile operator payment online, for example through PIN (OTP)

2. Next time the customer gets the option to enable ‘Single-click’ payments

3. One-click purchase is being made by the consumer choosing a product and pressing “buy”

First Payment

mobile payments in Sweden

Second Payment (Single Click)

mobile payments in Sweden

These are example photos. With our API, you can customise the payment window.

Why WyWallet with txtNation?

WyWallet is now the standard and mandated option for all SMS payments in Sweden.

With txtNation, WyWallet is available via our Gateway connection and API.

The main reason for moving to WyWallet is to comply with the EU Payment Service Directive and also to ensure merchants have the ability to accept mobile payments across Web, (Mobile Web) WAP and Offline, quickly and easily in a maintained, monitored environment.

Here at txtNation, unlike many other providers, we can offer you Service Level Agreements; 24/7 Support and Dedicated Account Managers to help you. txtNation’s industry-leading strengths and tier-one mobile network relationships make us the perfect connection gateway for implementing WyWallet.

Advantages of WyWallet

• Fast SMS purchases
• Easy to pay - just send an SMS
• Secure mobile payment experience
• Increase customer satisfaction and retention
• Offer dynamic price-points
• Leverage Mobile Network push on WyWallet

WyWallet Experience

• Mobile sends SMS to our Gateway
• User is billed instantly if registered for WyWallet*
• Successful payment made an product / service delivered

* If user is not registered, they are presented with a free SMS to register (one-time) taking only a few minutes.

We provide an industry backed API for connection to our Gateway and WyWallet’s billing platform.


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