Premium Goods SMS Revenue Share

Recently, increasing numbers of Mobile Operators have displayed a willingness to entertain the concept of a Premium Goods Revenue Share (PGRS). Infact, several operators in the Nordic region have already started to offer these rates to companies offering a "Premium Goods SMS" service. Concert and Subway tickets have been a big hit, with Subway tickets via SMS now accounting for almost 75% of all sales.

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Mobile Payments with high payouts

More recently, Irish operators Vodafone, O² and Meteor have expressed their commitment to bringing PGRS to the Republic of Ireland. For example, The M50 road in Dublin will soon be accepting mobile payments.

PGRS gives businesses, who previously balked at the idea of losing such a high percentage of the transaction's value, the opportunity to sell their product over a new medium, whilst breaking down the barriers that previously restricted services with a tight margin.

PGRS is triggered in the same way as traditional Reverse Billing SMS, the billing mechanics are the same for this form of mobile payment.

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