Open Network Connectivity

With txtNation's SMS messaging, your service can be up and running in with hours, enabling you to see a rapid return on your investment. Offering...

Premium Connectivity
• Direct network connectivity (SMS, MMS)
• Premium mobile billing access to all major mobile operators worldwide

Full short code management service
• Advice and recommendations when choosing your short codes
• Liaison with mobile operators to maintain a common short code for each country
• Full information and guidance on operator specifications

Powerful billing system
• Managing local and international traffic in multiple currencies
• Following up and logging each account (billing, payment, authorization, credit, updated balance)
• Handling multi-party billing, where several parties have to be invoiced or paid back

In a highly undifferentiated industry, we have managed to bring to the market an infrastructure that is well ahead of the competition, thanks to txtNation's integrated features that enable much higher rates of successfully delivered and billed messages and automatic compliance with regional legislation and restrictions.

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