Consumer abuses have led all Mobile Operators and regulators to implement stringent frameworks and codes of practice. These change and are refined continually. In certain countries, restrictions are set by a governmental body, such as Ofcom and ICSTIS in the UK, in addition to the operating rules that come from individual operators themselves.

The operator's regulations can be bureaucratic. It therefore becomes very complex to roll out a Premium SMS or MMS application across Europe as rules are diverse and tend to change on a regular basis. Compliance is a must.

txtNation helps you save time and money by using in-house expertise to build compliance automatically and seamlessly into all the functionality to which we give you access. When using txtNation in international markets, you have the assurance of compliance with local mobile operators.

txtNation is aware of the complexity of diverse mobile networks and technologies and builds sophisticated, intelligent solutions that are designed to be simple for you and your users.

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