4T Mobile Payments – Mobile Billing Solution for Denmark

4T Mobile Payments in Denmark with txtNationWith 4T, txtNation provides mobile billing across the major networks in Denmark. Formed by the networks Telia, Telenor, TDC and 3 (Tre), 4T makes the delivery of premium services easy to set up and allows for short lead times.

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The solution allows fast SMS purchases and is easy to use for end users, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Why use 4T for Mobile Payments?

4T is the mandated option for all SMS mobile payments in Denmark and is available via txtNation's Gateway connection and API.

Advantages of 4T Mobile Payments Solution

• Fast SMS purchases
• Ease of use for end users
• Secure mobile payments
• Increase customer satisfaction and retention
• No requirement for end user registration, meaning friction-free billing
• 4T Mobile Payments is a trusted brand

4T Mobile Payments Experience

• Mobile sends SMS to our Gateway
• User is billed instantly
• Successful payment made and product / service delivered


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