Premium SMS


Premium Rate SMS

Premium Rate SMS gives the ability to charge a mobile phone for a specific, pre-determined amount. e.g. in the UK £1.50 for a piece of mobile content, or say in Australia $1.99 for a message with a password in it to complete a mobile transaction.

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Premium Rate SMS Support

Premium Rate SMS is supported across all txtNation platforms and services and is most commonly initiated via SMS Short-Codes.

e.g. Text PAY to 60999. By sending a text with “PAY” to this short-code you will initiate a premium rate transaction, billed to your pre-paid credit or monthly bill.

In all countries you can configure the message that goes back to the user, and choose a price that matches what you are selling.

Premium SMS Advantages

Our Premium SMS payment gateway service enables you to take advantage of this fast-growing market, efficiently generating revenue by retailing a range of content and services to consumers. There are many benefits of Premium SMS as a mobile billing mechanism:

• The convenience, anonymity and security of mobile technology makes Premium SMS an attractive option to consumers

• Perfect mechanism for consumers to make quick, one-off purchases and short-term or bulk subscription-based mobile services, while increasing low-risk impulse buys

• Fast revenue generation, minimal overheads, increased profits and potential new growth for your business

• Access to consumers who do not use credit cards or do not trust traditional, online merchant account-based transaction methods

Our core technology is interoperable, sophisticated and ready-to-deploy giving you the assurance you need when interacting with our client interface. Our advanced platform provides you with a consistent methodology and interface, no matter which country or operator connection you use.

Case Study
"We selected txtNation based on our very positive experience with the company over the last two years. txtNation has an excellent relationship with network operators along with a strong combination of cutting edge technologies, large scale project management experience and pan-Europe reach."
Zach Crompton, Formula 1


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