Virtual Mobile Numbers

A Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) is used to receive incoming SMS messages. It exists only in the mobile network. Incoming text messages are routed straight from the network to us, which also allows for a very high volume of messages to be handled

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Virtual Mobile Numbers providing high speed access

Virtual Mobile is a fast and reliable inbound SMS solution that allocates a mobile number (+44 number for U.K. and global service) to an SMS server. With Virtual Mobile, users send SMS messages to this mobile number and the information is captured by the SMS application. When combined with our Bulk SMS service, Virtual Mobile Numbers can provide a complete, two-way SMS messaging solution for mobile applications.

A Virtual Mobile Number is the ideal solution for SMS-enabled interactive applications, services and advertising promotions including:

• Interactive broadcasting
• Text in votes for TV and radio contests
• Interactive SMS games
• SMS chat
• SMS finder
• On demand financial, travel, sports, news information
• SMS coupons, competitions and games
• Billboards and big screen advertising
• Print media and packaging
• Vending machines
• Logistics/Telematics
• Enterprise CRM
• Internet to mobile integration

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