txtNation Solutions

We have several core solutions that accompany our Mobile Billing and Messaging Gateway.

Some help you send (See: Bulk SMS Gateway) and receive SMS messages, while others help you bill your customers. All our solutions can do both in varying degrees. Depending on your requirements, we have a mobile solution for you.

Mobile Billing and Messaging.

Whether you have a one-time campaign to spread the message about your brand or event, or an on-going need to charge your customers for online or mobile services, we can work with you to find the best solution.

From pre-built, turnkey solutions that can be integrated quickly with your existing website, or tailor-made solutions built on our platform, we are confident that we can assist you.

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An award-winning mobile payment solution, offering three payment options (SMS, Phone Billing and Credit Card) in a highly customizable interface that fits neatly into any website.

A range of mobile campaign tools, offering competitions, SMS voting, auctions, Bulk SMS messaging and more. Mobile Marketing tool kit.

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