USSD Gateway

USSD Menus and MessagingOur USSD Gateway enables you to send out secure, instant messaging and menus to mobile phones across the world. Globally, USSD is available on over 99% of handsets, so you can communicate with all of your customers quickly and cost-effectively.

Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) enables for the transmission of data over the GSM Mobile Networks. USSD uses a real time, instant connection during the sending, unlike SMS. A USSD message can be up to 182 alphanumeric characters in length unlike the 160 characters in an SMS message.

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The USSD Evolution

Our leading USSD Gateway

USSD messaging functionality is available in the following options:

Handles 'Mobile' Initiated USSD Requests.

Handles 'Mobile Network' Initiated USSD Requests.

USSD Messaging Gateway Features

Our USSD Gateway enables many applications and can be used alongside or as a replacement with SMS. Features include:

• Can be used as a WAP prompt.
• Can deliver interactive menus. e.g sports results.
• Can be used for callback services. e.g. click 1 to call.

Why use txtNation's USSD Gateway?

IMSI Query provides subscriber information for authentication and authorization of the user in mobile security applications and scenarios. Read more about our Features of our USSD Gateway. txtNation offers full account management, 24/7 Support; Service Level Agreements and Dedicated Account Managers to help you set up USSD notifications and menus.

USSD with txtNation offers many benefits including:
• Large coverage worldwide with the benefit of great operator coverage within those countries meaning you can reach a higher level of your customer base.
• Unlike many competitors still in the BETA testing phase, txtNation has a Proven, tested and ready to use solution.
• We will advise you on how best to use USSD to meet your business objectives; this is done through our brilliant account management system.
• An Overdraft facility is provided so that you never have the issue of your service being halted. This will allow you to relax and rest assured that your business needs continue to be taken care of over weekends and holidays.
• txtNation provides a Single API / easy integration. Which makes it far easier to use in multiple markets.
• txtNation is extremely competitive for pricing when it comes to USSD

Services enabled by USSD Gateway
• USSD can be up to 182 alphanumeric characters.
• USSD is a session oriented service.
• Simple and easy to send.
• Cost effective mobile marketing.
• Compatible with all mobile phones
• Faster than SMS, no delays - instant.
• Works with roaming.
• USSD is supported by WAP.
• Two options: Pull Mode and Push Mode.


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