HLR Number Lookup (Advanced)

HLR LookupWith a mobile number lookup service you can find out information about the operator of the mobile subscriber including the mobile customer's location and mobile network. This type of query is performed via an HLR (Home Location Register) lookup. HLR Number Lookup services can also be known as a Number Portability lookup or a MSISDN lookup. From HLR, you can also perform a Virtual Location Register Lookup (VLR).

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Number Lookup with High Capacity

Our number lookup service delivers high throughput with high reliability and capacity.

Mobile Number Lookups available via API:

Basic Number Lookup Validation
A mobile operator query that looks at the Home Location Register (HLR) is pinged and the status of each number is passed back. The resulting status will identify the country and network in which the mobile user currently resides.

Advanced Number Lookup Validation
This number lookup also shows the mobile operator name and whether the number has been ported. If the mobile number (IMSI) is ported it will be flagged.

Virtual Location Register
New to our Mobile Gateway is the ability to perform a look up in the form of VLR (Visitor Location Register). VLR is a database which contains information about all the mobile subscribers which are currently located in the proximity of the MSC. A new record in the VLR is served when a new mobile subscriber is detected in the MSC's serving area.


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