Mobile Network Query

The Mobile Network Query is a service related to Mobile Number Portability (MNP), identifying to which network a mobile phone number (MSISDN) belongs. By employing this service, Wireless Application Service Providers, MVNOs, MVNEs, SMS aggregators and resellers, mobile infrastructure providers and mobile operators can optimize their SMS routing and avoid cost and effort of messages returned due to MNP.

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Avoid Costs of Returned Messages due to MNP

Network Query helps mobile service providers to optimize SMS routing and avoid cost and effort of messages returned due to Mobile Number Portability (MNP) by identifying invalid or unused numbers. This service validates mobile phone numbers before delivery of content or services, providing a MSISDN existence check. Real Time Identification of Mobile Numbers' Home Networks

Network Query service identifies the home network of mobile phone numbers, reducing the amount of failed SMS sending. Available as a web service, Network Query provides information in a real time basis. The service can also be provided as a batch interface, handling the validation of databases with large amounts of mobile numbers.

Network Query enables the MSISDN' home network identification, providing a true international mobile number check service. Additionally, txtNation provides customers with technical support and customer care, which are available 7/24/365.

Mobile Network Query v2.0

The Network Query (Version 2.0) offers a detailed information regarding the queried MSISDN such as the operators name and a list composed of all the operators assigned MNCs. Additionally, this service also features a modified search algorithm, which provides detailed information about a queried MSISDN even if the regarding mobile handset is switched off.

New! Our Mobile Gateway also has the ability to look up the Virtual Location Register (VLR) of the mobile device.

Services enabled by Network Query
• Optimization of message routing
• Handling of failed messages from routing
• Verification of existing database
• Optimization of call set-up
• Reduction of failed SMS sending
• Real-time relay of SMS-MT or other billing records to a subscriber's network operator


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