To launch effective and reputable mobile marketing campaigns for retailers, txtNation has a responsive mobile transaction hub which leads the industry in terms of construction and practical usage, with a business-lead interface. The following are typical uses in the mobile retail environment:

• E-coupons / M-Coupons
• Offers to mobile
• Direct to consumer information messages
• “Find my nearest” / Directions / E-cards
• Compare applications
• Order and enquiry tracking
• Order received confirmation

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Retail solutions via our Mobile Gateway

Through intriguing subjects and appropriate forms of communications, a trustworthy and perceptive customer base is elevated from mobile channels. End users appreciate accessibility, benefits and purpose as well as interactive and entertaining services, this leads to good relations and loyalty, which cannot be established instantly and is built over time.

txtNation provider of a reliable SMS messaging and a tier one mobile gateway, enables retailers to connect and develop their relationships with their customers.


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