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Mobile Billing for mGamingIf you are not making use of mobile payments for your mobile games, you are missing out on an enormous opportunity for increasing revenue, customer satisfaction and acquisition.

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The benefits of using our mobile billing solutions for mobile gaming and mobile gambling are:

  • Higher conversion rates: Credit card payment conversion rates can be as low as 7%, but where direct operator billing is available, conversion rates rise to 85%.
  • Higher retention rates: The improved customer experience naturally leads to increased retention rates.
  • Include in your current strategy: Capture the customers who would have abandoned a credit card purchase process.
As a trusted leader in the mobile market, txtNation offer experience and expertise in mobile billing, allowing you to make the most of mobile billing.

txtNation has excellent relationships with large networks and comprehensive knowledge of mobile billing and messaging systems, to successfully get you connected to your clients.

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Case Study
"We spoke to our customers and 93% said they would never buy their Xbox points with any other payment method after using mobile payments."
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