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In-App Billing to make money from mobile appsMake money from mobile apps with our in-app billing mobile payment solutions.

Apps are small software applications that get downloaded to handsets or tablets to perform a useful or entertaining function. Apps can be downloaded from a controlled network, such as iTunes, the Android Market, Amazon Appstore and other digital distribution platforms such as those listed here, or providing the phone allows it, directly from a URL. Apps can also be distributed pre-loaded onto handsets or tablets, ready for when the users switches on for the first time.

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In-App Billing, one click payment

Billing for Apps can happen before the download, or within the application whilst the application is in use, which is known as In-app billing (IAB). In-App Billing is generally completed via the application sending an SMS sent into a shortcode to opt the user into a premium transaction. Users must be informed of the price and other relevant regulatory information plus should be made aware that a message will be sent from their handset. This type of billing is also known as Canned SMS billing, Pre-formatted SMS billing, On-deck billing, Background billing, Wrapper billing and Preloaded content billing.

As with all applications there are varying degrees of sophistication, e.g. some applications are able to receive and interpret the premium message to make users aware that their payment has been successful. Others may require the user to enter the password they receive in the premium message to activate the service.

Using our Gateway or JunglePay you can setup In-App Billing on most platforms and configure it to charge the users for content, services or apps.

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