WAP Billing

WAP Billing (inc. MSISDN Billing) connectivity is available across the txtNation Gateway.

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Mobile WAP Billing

With txtNation you can monetise your mobile sites and services on WAP, Android (Android Billing) and Blackberry devices.

txtNation Benefits for Mobile Device and WAP Billing:

• Seamless in-app billing
• One click mobile billing worldwide
• No user login required
• Increased conversions
• Easy integration - just drop in our API.

Mobile Application Billing

txtNation is integrated with Mobile Wrapper technologies for in-handset application billing. e.g. Java (J2ME), device manufacture services.

Demo and Subscriptions Wrapper
Support for all major devices, the interface can be customised according to customer needs for mobile payment purposes.

Flexible Subscription Billing and Demo functionality can include:

• Demo / Subscriptions with SMS Billing
• Demo / Subscriptions with WAP Billing
• Time limited Demo
• Demo limited by number of executions
• Pay per Play
• All-you-can-eat
• All the above with full DRM control

Ideal for Preloaded, Try & Buy and Multi Price applications or services on mobile. Android Billing and Blackberry payment compatible services are available via our wrapper. Android payment services have never been easier to set up and install.


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