Technology, Communication for Mobile Commerce

txtNation is backed up by technology that leads the field in mobile commerce solutions. Designed and deployed by communications technology professionals, txtNation gives you the assurance you need to get the most out of commercial projects.

We take care of the infrastructure so you can get on with deploying first-rate billing solutions to sell your products and services. Why deal with international mobile operators, when txtNation has done it all for you?

txtNation is the first and only choice for thousands of clients around the world. Our technology supports you without demanding your time and money. We leave you to concentrate on your business, safe in the knowledge that the txtNation Gateway is running on some of the best technology in the mobile commerce sector.

txtNation. One choice mobile billing.

• One-stop-shop, white label solution
• One contract covers your access to all the mobile operators
• One point of connection through our client interface
• One-click activation
• One clear invoice
• One dedicated technical team with 24/7 availability

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Key Points

• Leading Mobile Commerce solutions
• First-Rate Mobile Billing and Messaging
• 24.7 Support