Mobile Gateway SLA

Make your integration to our mobile gateway seamless. We provide you with easy-to-use interfaces (API's), which are available in all our supported worldwide locations and on all products.

How can we offer the highest level of service in the industry?

Because we have the most reliable and secure technology, resilient network infrastructure, established relationships with the operators and an experienced and knowledgeable team focused on powering your business.

Communicate with your customers

Bulk SMS delivers high capacity, intelligent routing and high throughput to end users, plus 2-way messaging to and from your application and/or database.

Generate new revenue streams

If you wish to bill your customers directly, a range of premium and standard-rate tariffs are available including mobile commerce capabilities.

Choose your mobile gateway, reduce your time to market
txtNation offers a range of flexible interfaces to meet our client needs including FTP, HTTP, SMPP and XML.

Personalise your messages
Free-to-user messages may be 'spoofed' (Originator Address Substitution). In short, this enables the apparent message sender to be totally bespoke in line with your requirements. A message can appear to have been sent from a brand, short code, named person or number, thereby providing greater personalisation of messages. With greater personalisation comes a higher response rate and richer brand-awareness.

Monitor message delivery. SMS Track and Trace allows you to track messages at all stages of delivery. With a high level of detail about the location of the message in the process - both on the txtNation Gateway and at the network end. This provides valuable information for database analysis, data mining and intelligent re-try strategies.

Deliver enhanced content services. txtNation is not just about sending text. We also enable you to send graphics or ring tones or other multimedia content to end users. Advanced features include MMS, WAP Push encoding, OTA configuration, WAP Bookmarks, vCards and an encoder for ring tones and graphics. Your campaign is enhanced through our flexible and reliable solutions.

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Key Points

• Leading Mobile Gateway
• Detailed Delivery Reports
• Resilient Network SLA