SMS Messaging Gateway, Platform

SMS consists of Premium or Non-Premium (Free to user messaging). Our SMS Messaging Gateway platform allows for both of the below SMS messaging types to be deployed for business purposes.

Premium SMS, often referred to as PSMS or reverse billing, is the most widely used mobile billing mechanism in use today and it shows every sign of exponential growth, visibility and trustworthiness, with increasing numbers of consumers happy to purchase content and services via their mobile phones.

txtNation offers you the reliability and performance of a Tier 1 infrastructure, with the flexibility of a platform geared towards diverse geographical and business requirements.

Alongside P-SMS, Bulk SMS can enable a One-Way SMS messaging exchange to allow messages be sent and delivered to mobile phone users.

Advanced Features of our SMS Messaging Gateway

We are responsible for creating systems that significantly decrease deployment time for our clients and have evolved operator connections that work reliably and securely at every level. We strive to not only maintain our systems but to look for new ways to increase performance and reliability of our SMS messaging gateway.

Evolved Platform for Mobile Messaging

The txtNation Gateway is an extensively researched connection, coded using modular object-oriented techniques by experienced mobile platform programmers, making txtNation one of the fastest in the business at providing cutting-edge features and underlying performance and operating improvements as required. Professionally designed, deployed and maintained by us. Easy to use, quick to set up, and an additional revenue stream for you.

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Key Points

• Reliable Bulk SMS Gateway
• High capacity SMS Messaging
• Premium SMS in over 80 countries