SMS Aggregator, Mobile Gateway Stability

As one of the largest transaction platforms, we have developed and deployed a highly advanced global network to provide our customers with the most reliable, cost-effective mobile payment solutions available running across our Mobile Gateway.

Our global SMS aggregator network comprises hundreds of operator connections, enabling you to reach 2 billion mobile phone users around the world through a single interface.

txtNation offers unprecedented reliability across its fault-tolerant distributed network and we spend considerable time seeking out single points of failure in an effort to improve upon an already impressive availability record.

Redundancy & Reliability

Managing peering points on two continents allows you to connect without having to deal with trans-continental packet loss. This results in low latency between your application and our servers.

txtNation delivers a mobile billing platform and high throughput SMS messaging system that aims to out-perform all its rivals with diligent administration of its key technology and an unequalled commitment to maintaining maximum uptime and availability. We give our clients the assurance they need to deliver robust, dependable mobile commerce services to their users—24 hours a day. Keep your users coming back by providing the security, ease-of-use and reliability of the txtNation platform.

Scalability & Stability

The entire network is deployed on UNIX and Linux server farms with high quality hardware spread across our multiple data centres. Located both in the United Kingdom and the United States, our local network and server engineers are always available to resolve any issues. We are the stress-free choice for companies who demand leading-edge billing solutions without incurring the costs involved with deploying and maintaining their own worldwide infrastructure.

Why manage countless connections when one API-based connection to txtNation provides multiple mobile operator connections in diverse geographies? Our technology not only delivers superior reliability. As a tier-one SMS aggregator, our mobile messaging system has been built to deliver definitive international commerce solutions whatever the demands of your business and of our growing network of satisfied clients.

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Key Points

• Direct Operator Connections
• Tier-One SMS Aggregator
• Secure Mobile Billing
• Maximum Uptime