SMPP SMS Connectivity

The Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol (SMPP) is a socket-based, open, industry-standard protocol, designed for sending two-way SMS traffic. SMPP is the recommended connection interface for clients who are already familiar with this protocol or who would prefer not to program in Java.

Designed for sending SMS, SMPP offers all the features available in the lower-level messaging protocols. txtNation's SMPP server has been built in-house by our messaging experts, so it provides the same features, throughput and latency of the other connection types we deploy. Our SMS SMPP Connection support high volumes of messages.


Customers in need of watertight security, such as financial institutions and payment providers, can use our SMPP gateway over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for SMS delivery. SSL is the same proven encryption layer used by online banking services, so your data is encrypted while traversing the public Internet.

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