HTTP SMS Connectivity

With our mobile gateway you can easily set up services in any or all of our countries. You can connect to our mobile SMS gateway with one easy to use API (Application Programming Interface).


No need for different connections for different countries, our flexible HTTP API handles everything in a centralised, highly scaleable and totally efficient manner.

One API, One Connection, a World of Short-Codes and Messaging

The most common method for connecting directly to our SMS messaging platform is via HTTP connectivity. This service allows developers to enable their applications with SMS functionality from within most programming environments, allowing mobile commerce activity anywhere in the world in a diversity of applications.

Global Leader in Mobile Messaging

Our powerful HTTP SMS Gateway has been implemented into hundreds of different business solutions including server monitoring & alert systems, contact management databases and many other advanced applications.

The txtNation http interface option is a simple protocol designed for sending two-way SMS traffic. To utilise the http interface, clients use an txtNation-provided Java software development kit (SDK) that integrates with and works alongside your application to manage your connection and traffic flow.

We highly recommend using the HTTP SMS connection as it uses the same protocol as our core technology, and is specially designed to work with our servers. Next generation interface features are always made available first in the initial release phase on HTTP SMS connection.

We incorporated into the http interface the vast experience we gained from integrating into countless mobile operator protocols. Features of http SMS gateway include:

• Ability to set the tariff/billing amount on a message by message basis
• Ability to set the product you wish to use on a message by message basis
• Ability to override the destination operator on a message by message basis
• High throughput, low latency

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Key Points

• HTTP SMS Connectivity
• One API, Global Connections
• Worldwide SMS Aggregator