MMS HTTP Gateway Connectivity

On a technical level MMS differs entirely from SMS, and is based not on SS7 but on IP signalling standards and internet content standards such as JPEG and MPEG for images and video respectively.

MMS Gateway Message Routing

MMS is sent differently to SMS. When sending a peer-to-peer SMS, the SMS message is sent from an end user's handset to their mobile operator's SMS Centre (SMSC), and is then sent directly to the recipient end user's handset, irrespective of which network the recipient of the SMS is on. The SMS does not get routed from the SMSC of the sender's mobile operator to the SMSC of the recipient's mobile operator.

This is not the case when sending a peer-to-peer MMS messsages. Our MMS HTTP Gateway allows for any MMS message to go through the mobile operators' home MMSCs (assuming they are not roaming, whereby the roaming network's MMSC would be used). When using the MMS HTTP Gateway an MMS from an end user will be sent to that end user's mobile network MMSC, then sent on to the MMSC of the recipient's mobile operator, before being sent on to the recipient end user's handset.

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Key Points

• MMS over HTTP
• Secure MMS Gateway
• Tier-1 MMS Aggregator