WAP Billing - Worldwide

Setting up and collecting via WAP Payments is available in over 80 countries for SMS (Premium SMS) and a further 200 for Premium Rate Phone (IVR).

Other variance's of payment on the moblile device include Android and Blackberry compliant payment options.

Android Billing Platform
Accepting Android payments could not be easier with txtNation. Our worldwide coverage enables you to gain users in all countries where we accept Premium SMS payments and convert them users into WAP payments.

Blackberry Billing Platform
In a similar fashion to Android payments on mobile. Customers, via txtNation can be charged on their Blackberry devices in all countries where we accept Premium SMS payments, converting users into WAP payments.

Tariff Information
For information about the pricing for WAP Billing (inc. accepting Android payments), please contact us.
"txtNation has enabled us to expand our billing coverage and monetise Zingmobile content in markets previously unreachable."

Mr. Teo Siew Kiet, CEO - Zingmobile