Hong Kong SAR China: Mobile Billing & Mobile Messaging

Hong Kong Premium SMS


Hong Kong SAR China has a population of 7,409,800 people (72.4% penetration) and 5 main networks. txtNation has linked up with CSL, Peoples, 3, Vodafone and Sunday, bringing your business to nearly 7,325,000 mobile handsets in Hong Kong SAR China. In Hong Kong SAR China we can provide Premium SMS though to high throughput Bulk SMS messaging.

For information about Mobile Billing options, tariffs or SMS messaging availability in Hong Kong SAR China, contact us.

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We provide a wide range of robust mobile services around the world. You can find more about what we offer in Hong Kong SAR China below. We are continually improving our services and you should contact us so that we can advise you about the most appropriate solutions available in Hong Kong SAR China.

Premium MT SMS - Hong Kong SAR China

Premium "mobile terminated" SMS messaging is available in Hong Kong SAR China. This is a profitable way to generate revenue by sending a message to the consumer's mobile handset. We can advise you on all your options for billing in Hong Kong SAR China.

Number Lookup (HLR)

Enhance your txtNation service in this region by using our Number Lookup service, which is available in Hong Kong SAR China and many other countries. Our Number Lookup service allows you to find out the network operator and other details about the consumer's mobile phone. This can be helpful in tailoring your txtNation service to consumers in Hong Kong SAR China.


We offer Long Codes and or Virtual SIMs in Hong Kong SAR China, which is more international than Short Codes. This allows you to receive messages from consumers around the world from a Hong Kong SAR China-based telephone number. You cannot use a Virtual SIM to bill consumers. Premium services require a Short Code.


txtNation allows you to build a fully customised mobile billing service. If you require a mobile billing solution without the need for development, try our ready-made JunglePay widget, which you can create in just minutes.

Compliance matters

Wherever you operate mobile services, you must obey local telecommunication regulations. We can advise you on any aspect of your mobile campaign or billing service. Regulators publish guidelines that must be fully understood before you can use our platform. Operating a mobile service in one country may be very different to running one elsewhere.

This page contains some basic compliance information that may be of use to anyone wishing to run a service in Hong Kong SAR China. However, you should always consult with your account manager or our support team before you launch to obtain more comprehensive guidance.

This is to protect us, your company, and all the consumers in Hong Kong SAR China, where they expect a high quality service. Let us support you to get this right.


The national regulator for premium mobile telecommunications in Hong Kong SAR China is Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA). They have a code of conduct which governs what you can and cannot do with mobile services in that region. If you have any questions about these requirements, you can contact us at any time for further advice.

Opting in to your service

Consumers must demonstrate that they wish to use your service and that they give permission to be charged as appropriate. There are various ways in which consumers can "opt in" to a service, which varies country to country. You should ensure you understand the opt-in requirements for Hong Kong SAR China before you launch. Currently, the options include:

  • WORAR (Requiring a Reply)
  • In-app Billing
  • Multi-billing - Are you able to send multiple MTs?

Taking care of your customers

Your customers expect a high-quality service, as demanded by the regulator in Hong Kong SAR China. We are committed to helping you deliver a clear, compliant campaign. We can provide support to your customers for a very competitive monthly fee under one of our industry-leading support packages.

Permitted content

What you can send to customers varies across the world. In Hong Kong SAR China, the regulator permits only certain types of content. These include:

  • Competitions
  • Virtual Gambling (Virtual credit)
  • Alerts
  • Chat
  • Mobile Content
  • Info Messages


As well as limits on the types of content you can facilitate in Hong Kong SAR China, there are limits on how much and in which ways you can bill your customers. You should always consult your account manager or our support team before you launch. The following limits are placed on services in Hong Kong SAR China:

  • Maximum Transactional Value: HDK 30
  • Subscriptions Limit: No limit
  • Daily Billing Limit: Peoples (China Mobile): HKD 1000
  • Weekly Billing Limit: No limit
  • Monthly Billing Limit: Hutchinson: HKD 500, CSL: No Limit, SmarTone: No limit, Peoples (China Mobile) HKD2000
The data contained on this page is for informational purposes only and services are subject to change. You should always contact us or your dedicated account manager for the latest information, regulations, and technical specifications.
"txtNation has enabled us to expand our billing coverage and monetise Zingmobile content in markets previously unreachable."

Mr. Teo Siew Kiet, CEO - Zingmobile