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The Americas can be divided into North and South America. North America consisting of Canada, USA and Mexico. The regions are distinctly different in terms of the mobile markets, with North America being more prosperous and advanced. txtNation has good market coverage in South America and full coverage in North America. We are a leading provider of Premium SMS and Non-Premium SMS services in these regions. In South America in particular we have seen exponential growth, rapidly moving towards the more mature markets in the North.

The volume of SMS and MMS has more than doubled in the last four years. Billions of dollars are generated in revenue from mobile customers and nearly half of American mobile users use short message services (SMS). Wireless, email and wireless instant messaging (IM) are becoming more popular however SMS service and MMS service still stay on top in the mobile marketing industry. In the recent years wireless data in North America has had a rapid growth and in 2010 - 2012, due to further upgrades, it is expected to grow even stronger.

The Southern American market proceeds Central South America just slightly in terms of maturity, with between 80% and 100% penetration. Mobile penetration was 46% for the world average and South America had over 66% in early 2008 which shows how South America is still up and coming in the telecommunications industry and there are huge possibilities for expansion. The region, in comparison to other world markets was a relative late comer in the telecommunication industry, which opens up possibilities to exploit proven trends that have already happened in the rest of the world. txtNation’s Account Management team is always on hand to give you more insight into emerging possibilities in this region.