Non-Premium SMS - Worldwide

Many of the applications utilising txtNation are premium services that charge the user a set amount. With non-premium services, organisations have the flexibility that comes with offering services that cost nothing to the end user. This is ideal for organisations that have a marketing or promotional campaign relying on maximum brand exposure to opt-in mobile phone users.

txtNation is as flexible as your campaign and because our services are modular, you can promote your organisation by offering services to end-users: you take on the costs of sending out content and services, creating good-will amongst your users and promoting your brand.

txtNation provides a billing platform delivering content and services that won't charge your users. By combining our SMS Gateway with txtNation's mFUSION, it would be possible to offer content -- such as ring tone or wallpaper downloads tied into your brand - free to the end user.

Tariff Information
For information about the pricing for Non-Premium SMS, please contact us.
"txtNation has enabled us to expand our billing coverage and monetise Zingmobile content in markets previously unreachable."

Mr. Teo Siew Kiet, CEO - Zingmobile