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Premium SMS

Premium SMS (PSMS) is the preference for telecom billing services, delivering content to mobile and for payment for digital goods. It surpasses other micro-billing payment methods mainly because it is extremely efficient and easy to enable. txtNation is a highly experienced, skilled and knowledgeable company that provides a trustworthy and quality Premium SMS service. You can take advantage of our high outpayments and rapidly deploy using our easy to use API options.

Bulk SMS

There are several forms of mobile marketing and communication, but one that txtNation has noted as an efficient and effective service when it comes to collectively sending an SMS message to hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of customers and clients is Bulk SMS. It powers a mass amount of mobile messaging campaigns as its quick, simple and easy to do. People used to send messages individually and this would be extremely time consuming, so Bulk SMS was created to send multiple messages, to multiple people.


IVR Billing, including automated systems can save your business a lot of money in resources and staff whilst at the same time allowing previously laborious everyday services and explorations to be automated, accessible to the public. You can use IVR to let users interact with an information retrieval service via voice commands or a phone keypad. IVR Billing systems can charge and deliver vital information as well, such as news, weather, stock reports or traffic. Speak to us about our capabilities to combine IVR with SMS billing or IVR billing, the possibilities are endless.