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Buy Game Credit with txtNation
"We spoke to our customers and 93% said they would never buy their Xbox points with any other payment method after using mobile payments."
Buy Game Credit

Buy Game Credit Case Study
Company: Buy Game Credit, Countries: Global, Direct Operator Billing API.

BuyGameCredit needed to provide an instant purchase mechanism to allow non-credit card customers to buy Microsoft Xbox points and Gold Membership with their mobile phones.

Course of Action
txtNation enabled BuyGameCredit to provide mobile payments through their website and mobile site via Direct Billing across a number of countries worldwide, connecting to the txtNation Gateway APIs to power their in-site purchasing.

Working with the mobile network operators, txtNation were able to negotiate lower transaction fees after discussing this specific business case.

The payment method went live first in Sweden and Norway, and then on to other countries, all with a successful launch and great response. BuyGameCredit spoke to their customers via a survey and found that 93% would never buy their Xbox points with any other payment method than mobile payments.

This is a quasi-physical product, typically before now sold ‘physically’ in a retail environment. BuyGameCredit can now afford to sell Xbox points by mobile and still remain competitive, thanks to txtNation's negotiations with the networks.

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