Case Studies - BP Ultimate

BP Ultimate with txtNation "Ogilvy are responsible for the idea and we (XS2) designed it, we converted it into an application and setup the communication with txtNation."

BP Ultimate Case Study
Company: BP Ultimate, Countries: UK, Non-Premium SMS.

Course of Action
Under the closed roof of the MILLENNIUM STADIUM CARDIFF, WALES has never seen anything as exciting, amazing or unique as this short stage of the 2008 World Rally Championship.

Full of tantalising thrills and spills, ‘The Millennium Job’ is an action packed, heart stopping display of precision driving, death defying stunts and high speed chases all set to take your breath away.

To coincide with this at the Millennium Stadium event BP are proud to announce their new Jarmo, A Co Driver for Life mobile application so if you have ever felt like you have needed a co-driver of your own you now can!!! By simply texting the word ‘ultimate’ customers worldwide can download their very own Jarmo Lehtinen to their mobile phone .

This free to enter promotion was advertised by event flyers, across TV and Radio spots and was also shown on the big screen during this spectacular event, sponsored by BP. Over 400,000 messages had been sent in during the promotion.

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