Case Studies - BDP Media

"We approached txtNation to handle our backend SMS services for our latest project, This was promoted across various venues and media outlets. Heavy website marketing was deployed across our media network.

Several weeks into the project we gave txtNation responsibility for all IVR solutions with full co-ordination and consultation for our mobile campaign services. We are very pleased with the results and have gained much positive feedback from our users."
Kevin Petillo, BDP Media (

BDP Case Study
Company: BDP Media, Country: UK, SMS: Premium

BDP required a solution that covers all aspects of SMS billing, content and delivery.

Course of Action
Our easy to integrate API allowed BDP to deploy the required services on time and to requirement.

Positive results from day one of the service launch. Regional marketing campaigns soon became National and as a result of the response, BDP is looking to expand their offering to Europe and the USA. Two areas to which txtNation have un-rivalled connectivity.